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They are designed to help you build skills to last a lifetime

Build Confidence

With every class you take, you will be developing and enhancing your skills. We like to say we are giving you more tools in your toolbox. The more tools you have, the more opportunities to increase your income.

Learn From The Pros

We've been at this since year 2000. That's a long time! So, this isn't our first rodeo. We also bring our successful students who started right where you are to share their expertise as well.

Make Some Money

Our programs are all geared on how to earn online so that you can live that lifestyle you want and deserve. Be your own boss, take your financial future into your own hands. Control your time and your freedom.

Step-by-Step Help

Watch the videos. Download the checklists. Join the community to ask and answer questions. Our team is here to help you when you need it, and you're gonna love it here.

Anywhere Access

The great thing about our online classes and support is that they never expire. Since everything is online, you can learn when and where you choose!

We've Got Your Back

Once you join our community you are stuck with us! Our mission is to see you succeed and we will work out buts off to try our best to make that happen. Plain and simple. That's it.

"Upon graduating from University I didn't have a job and wasn't very sure what I was going to do. I listened to Alicia at a live event talking about Freelancing online. I've heard about it many times, but I never thought it was "legit", but after hearing Alicia talk about all of the success stories of her students, I figured I would give it a try. It was a slow start, but then I got a client that I earned over $5,000 from and then I was hooked. Now I have regular clients and I consistently get new clients all the time. I just get an order for $560 for some Virtual Assistant work. Thanks again, and it's safe to say this is "legit" ! "

- Winnie Colon, Superstar Freelancer